Our Story

tree roots cm2We didn’t start with the idea of building a company. We just wanted to understand and explore potential new technologies the founders uncovered in their medical
practice. Years later and armed with incredible stories, we now understand the great benefit these technologies have worldwide when teamed with powerful distribution.


It’s no secret that science and medical experts around the globe are focused on cellular health in pursuit of a longer and more productive life. The body is amazing when cells are healthy and active, which has now become the mantra for Nimbus Performance. The Nimbus cm2 Cloud Technology is designed to assist the normal function of the body to maintain cellular health.


We recently joined these technologies with a seasoned team of nutritional experts to create a powerful combination that now delivers targeted nutrition at the boosted cellular level. At Nimbus, our focus is now on cellular solutions at the core, not band-aids for short sighted profit motives.


A simple way to explain the Nimbus thought process and direction is by looking at a tree. You can spend an entire lifetime pruning and doing other tasks above ground to make the tree beautiful for a season, but the only predictable way to have a healthy and strong tree is to treat below the surface at the roots. Root health, like cellular health, is the secret to create the lasting benefits of strength and performance.

At Nimbus, we’ll stay focused on the roots. It’s science.


Our story is just beginning; Come join us for the ride and let’s write it together!

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