Corporate Commitment

Let’s get right to the point. Nimbus is a company with incredible technology and intellectual property and has a corporate mantra to guarantee the business organization doesn’t shackle the sharing of this science to the world.

This is our 10 point pledge to you, our Associates, to insure Nimbus is not just a single event for you, but your new way of life.

  1. To never stop innovating and investing in new technology.
  2. To use cutting-edge technology and tools to keep corporate overhead low, using savings to lower costs and increase profits for our associates.
  3. To value and listen to you; our customers and associates.
  4. To rely on our science based technologies.
  5. To be conservative with our corporate environment fiscal choices.
  6. To become an industry leader in operational efficiency.
  7. To support charities or organizations which create a real human difference.
  8. To maintain a management team that demonstrates absolute integrity and honesty.
  9. To dream big, and have the courage to pursue these big dreams.
  10. To create a culture and environment that attracts like-minded team members.

This is our pledge to you and this represents our governing principles. Come join us for freedom like you have never experienced before.

The Nimbus Management Team

Find your freedom today

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