Nimbus Performance Supplements


X2 Cell Nutrition

Carefully formulated with premium ingredients, each of the Nimbus Performance Supplements are uniquely designed to work in tandem with the cm2 Pulse Band and cm2 Sport WEB for optimal results. Nimbus Performance Supplements deliver the quality nutrients that your body craves to support a healthy, happy and whole lifestyle. 

Nimbus Performance Supplements, Feel the Difference!

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Sandy, UT 84070

Nimbus Performance Supplements are used and love by people all over the globe. The daily use of Nimbus Performance Supplements, used in tandem with the cm2 technology can set you on a path to a more healthy happy and whole lifestyle. You're going to live the difference you feel with Nimbus Performance Supplements as part of your daily routine!

636 W 9400 S, Sandy, UT 84070

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