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Nimbus Perforance cm2 technology

The Power and Benefits of the cm2™ Technology

Nimbus Perforance cm2 technology

Origins of the Nimbus Performance cm2™ Technology

The Nimbus Performance cm2™ Technology

The cm2™ Cloud Technology is designed to increase energy and movement at the cellular level, promoting a cascade of positive benefits boosting cellular metabolism. When we discuss “cells”, we need to differentiate between our red blood cells (RBC) and somatic cells throughout our entire body.

Red Blood Cells (RBC)

RBC’s with compromised energy tend to clump or stack (erythrocyte aggregation) and conversely science teaches us that properly energized RBC’s (zeta potential) will repel or free suspend, exposing the entire surface area of the RBC to load with max oxygen molecules and efficiently reach the 100,000 miles of capillaries with the human body. When elevated amounts of oxygen combined with nutrition is delivered to our body’s cells, the process of cell metabolism and energy creation unfolds at a greater capacity.  This is the process for real performance, healing, and wellness.

Free flowing (non-stacked), healthy and properly energized RBC's provide:

  • Improved nutrient uptake

  • Improved nutrient delivery

  • Improved cell waste dispersal

  • Improved capillary profusion

  • Improved cellular metabolism

Somatic Cells

Your entire body is comprised of cells that are continually active performing their designed tasks. Just like combustible engines and organic plants can improve performance with more of the “good stuff”, the human body functions in a similar manner. Provide the entire body with improved oxygen and complete nutrition and the miracle of peak performance, rapid healing, and wellness/energy become the fruit of this process.  The human body is amazing when cells are healthy.

The healthy cellular activity allows the body to achieve the functions and capabilities the body is designed to achieve, including:

  • Improved energy to perform the cells designed task

  • Pain Relief

  • Rapid Healing and Recovery

  • Improved energy production via ATP production

  • Improved cell waste dispersal

The Nimbus Performance cm2™ technology is designed

to assist the body to perform and meet its amazing

capabilities. It’s not hype, just the science of cell health.

Nimbus Performane Red Blood Cell

Which Nimbus Performance Product Is Best For Me?

Nimbus Performanc cm2 Sport Web
Nimbus Performance cm2 Pusle band

The cm2 BAND is designed to be worn on the wrist to boost the energy of red blood cells.  When the zeta potential or charge of red blood cells are similar or “like”, they will repel each other and expose the entire surface to carry oxygen molecules.  In addition, the 100,000 miles of capillaries within the body are designed to accept single separated cells. When red blood cells are separated, oxygen and nutrition delivery improves providing the body the real building blocks of healing and performance.  BANDS are primarily used for energy, performance and overall wellness.

The cm2 WEB is designed to pulse energy over the entire cell structure in a particular treatment area, like a knee, shoulder, back etc…  When cell voltage membranes are boosted and differentiate, the process of cell membranes opening to accept oxygen, nutrition and expel waste can be improved. When cell metabolism is improved, cell health follows.  When cells are healthy, the human body can accomplish amazing tasks relating to performance and healing.

Summary; The cm2 BAND is designed for performance, energy and general wellness and the cm2 WEB is designed for healing and recovery.  We love our technology at Nimbus Performance, but it’s the human body that is the amazing part of this miracle equation.

Read The Studies by Nimbus Performance

Nimbus Perforane cm2 White Paper

Take the time to do your own research and learn about the miracle capabilities of the human body.  This white paper by Nimbus Performance will give you a solid entry and background regarding cell health, cm2™ technology and methods to improve overall wellness and performance.

As part of our ongoing development and research at Nimbus Performance we are continually working with top athletes to safely and properly improve performance.  The following abstract summarizes the multiple benefits of the cm2™ technology in regards to cell heath.

Nimbus Performance D1 Athlete Stuy
Nimbus Perfomance D1 Athlete Complete Study

As part of our ongoing development and research at Nimbus Performance we are continually working with top athletes to safely and properly improve performance.  The following study utilizing cm2™ further confirms the multiple benefits of cell health.