You Deserve To Be Pain Free

The advanced technology of the Nimbus cm2 Sport WEB is designed to boost healthy cellular activity of the targeted musculoskeletal area of the body. When cells have the proper energy, oxygen and nutrition, the essential components of healthy cell metabolism. You can boost the body’s real and natural ability to heal, fight pain and get you on your fast-track to wellness and activity. Healthy cell metabolism leads to: ​

  • Improved Circulation

  • Pain Management

  • Faster Recovery

  • Improved Energy

  • Deeper Detoxification

  • General Overall Wellness

You can learn more about the science by clicking here.

Hear How Nimbus Performance Changes Lives?


Erik Campbell

Business Owner

"After using the cm2 WEB i've experienced less pain, more mobility and increased flexibility. There are days when I don't use the WEB and I can definitely feel the difference.

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Emily Hinck


"Before the cm2 WEB, I would get up in the morning and feel like an 80-year-old person. It was still, I was barely able to go upstairs. After using the cm2 WEB, I get up normal. There is no stiffness, I mean, it's been life-changing. It's my magic WEB"

rose mason.jpg

Rose Mason

Graphic Designer

"I had knee replacement surgery and I used the cm2 WEB after my surgery and I can't believe the quick recovery that I had and how great I still feel using the cm2 technology every day. I love Nimbus, it has changed my life. 

Using Your cm2™ Sport WEB