Immunity Boosting (what you wish you knew months ago)

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

If you’re like me, the stress you feel today is generated primarily by the chasm of the unknown. More precisely, the wild range of forecasts regarding the novel virus and its future impacts on daily life, social interactions, the economy and who knows what else? The unknown creates that pit you feel in your gut each day wondering and waiting, what’s next?

Let’s focus on what we can do and work towards more peace of mind.

Just Staying Home & Washing Your Hands Isn’t Enough

Are you tired of health advice articles that change nothing, do little to inform and leave you wondering? Have you ever considered why articles about your health and wellness are watered down with sentences populated with confusing words and phrases of ‘gray matter’? Fence sitting cautious articles on common sense health do little more than fill time while you wait for the world to resume. This article will outline real steps you can do that will impact your health. Let’s talk about building a formidable immune system so when the unseen enemy advances, you’re prepared and ready to fight.

Your immune system is extremely complex, and researchers worldwide still struggle to comprehend this miracle police force. According Harvard Health, “…general healthy-living strategies are a good way to start giving your immune system the upper hand.”. The text book breakdown of this strategy is: adequate sleep, eating right, exercising and removing stress. I got it; you already knew those Sunday school answers. But what if you are already doing those? Do you just sit and wait? No!

Pills Aren’t Total Prevention

You’ve heard the president’s top immunologist, Anthony Fauci use the word “anecdotal” this month to describe the cocktail of Chloroquine and Zithromax (Z-Pack) which has cured hundreds of virus infected patients in Italy as well as other regions. In this context, he (Fauci) means the drug may have cured those individuals but there is not a completed double-blind scientific study, confirming in a lab and with individuals that it actually works and is safe. News flash, anecdotal data is also generated via studies. I don’t mean to shake your faith, but did you know that multi-billion dollar medical titans have retraced researchers’ steps and attempted to replicate independent clinical studies that were used as science platforms for their drug research? In the end, the best they could confirm and replicate was 25 %.(1) I know… crazy? So, what does that mean for you?

I Just Want to Feel Better

It means if I’m sick, all I really care about is getting well and not a five-million-dollar study that may have a 75% chance of being inaccurate. This doesn’t mean we ignore science; it just means it becomes part of the decision-making process. Studies are wise, prudent and necessary for our safety, but if I’m sick and 25 of my neighbors rebounded safely from utilizing a time-tested pharmaceutical product or other protocol, I’m in! I just want to heal. Anecdotal evidence, a phrase often downplayed by many medical researchers and doctors, all of a sudden has become forefront and relevant. Why? We all just want results.

Before we get to the ‘What To Do Now Check List, we need to go back to school for two short paragraphs.

The science world today concurs your immune defense front line for fighting viruses is white blood cells. Did you know that select white blood cells called neutrophils, produce hydrogen peroxide as a front-line defense against toxins, including viruses? Hydrogen peroxide attacks the foreign invaders with a process called oxidation, wherein OXYGEN atoms damage and kill the unwanted invading virus or pathogen. OXYGEN is a powerful virus fighter.

The energy factory for your 100 trillion cells is generated by the cell mitochondria utilizing the molecular power of ATP (adenosine Triphosphate). This energy production is generated by a process called respiration, which is in essentially combining OXYGEN and converted nutrition to produce energy. Multiple studies confirm that in the presence of OXYGEN, 30 to 32 ATP molecules (energy) are produced and in the absence of oxygen it can be as low as 2 per glucose molecule (food and nutrition). In layman's terms: Oxygen does affect energy and energy does affect your personal immune defense.

Actions to Take Now to Improve Health and Prevention

Now back to real steps to improving health now and boosting your immune defense network. As promised, I’ll dump the vague ‘gray matter’ and get specific. The following list is a guideline of common sense, anecdotal evidence and science.

Your Choice of Food Matters

Start looking at the food you consume like a NASCAR® driver evaluates the octane value in the fuel used for speed and performance. Combustible high-performance engines require a higher-octane fuel. Do you want your energy production at high performance levels? This means greens, fruits, vegetables, good proteins and fats, and (sorry) forgoing those processed foods. You can get a free 30 day healthy and delicious DIY meal plan here if you need a place to start. Yes, it is slightly more expensive but weighed against our current crisis, the cost of sickness and poor health, it’s a deal!

Oxygen Matters

There’s a reason why we all feel better at sea level in Newport Beach, California compared to skiing the slopes of Park City, Utah at 10,000 ft. Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen. Remember, good food and nutrition combined with Oxygen is the basis for cell energy production termed respiration. Don’t go out and rent home oxygen concentrator, however there is emerging science that has shown promise. Nimbus Performance is an athletic performance and recovery company that produces technology that top tier athletes and users worldwide are turning to for improved performance and rapid recovery due to its ability to reliably and naturally increase oxygen uptake into the body. Remember, ATP production— your cell energy— is improved with sufficient oxygen. Many athletes using the technology claim significant performance, more energy and rapid recovery.

Staying Active Matters

We all can improve. To some this may mean three trips around the couch and to others it may be adding high intensity interval training within that 3-mile jaunt. Activity helps flush toxins, exercises the heart and helps boost and combust that oxygen for cell energy.

Deepen & Improved Sleep Matters

Why? This is when your heart and blood vessels have a chance to recover, your body goes into repair mode and chemicals that strengthen your immune system circulate in your blood. This is not an excuse to sleep until ten. Excuse the pun, a wake-up call to turn that TV off, cut back on the caffeine and welcome the pillow.

Health > Favorite Health Sins Matters

We live in unprecedented times, so take some painful unprecedented personal steps. It may be time to quit smoking, reduce alcohol, coffee or soda. If the bag you open for snacks crinkles, there’s a high probability that’s not the octane that you want for winning the day. For me, it’s good bye Krispy Kreme®. What about you?

Take Action Today

I have been studying performance science and cell health for years. Each day I stand in awe of the amazing capabilities of the human body. When it comes to performance, healing, wellness and immune protection, there is nothing more foundational than cell health. Cell health can be affected by the action steps listed above. You can do something about preparing your immune defenses. Just as Nike® would say, “Just Do It”®.

In the spirit of honest and full disclosure, I was asked to address this topic by my colleagues because of the unique research I have conducted regarding performance and the human body. Many are not aware of the technology that myself and a team of medical doctors have developed. However, due to the uncertainty of the new novel virus and the havoc it can have on oxygen intake and inflammation within the lungs, it would be a mistake to not share what we have learned over the last 10 years in hope that it may serve as a significant health benefit.

10 Years of Research Comes to Simple Brilliant Knowledge

To Summarizing our research, results, and yes, the anecdotal evidence in a one short paragraph;

  • The human body is amazing when cells are healthy.

  • Cell health can be affected by many variables within your control, including; good nutrition, improved oxygen uptake/delivery and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Improved cell health is improved immune defense.

Click Here to watch a video explaining our findings in detail.

These are uncertain times, but the benefits of cell health are certain. We all can learn from blending research and anecdotal results. I have seen the impossible healing of the medically frustrated and new performance levels of Olympic bound athletes simply by improving their cell health habits and utilizing the Nimbus technology. You can listen to those stories here.

Your body can do amazing things when your cells are healthy. The balls in your court!

1. Rigor Mortis. How sloppy science creates worthless cures, crushes hope and wastes billions. Richard Harris

These products, concepts and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. The information in this article is not intended to replace advice from your current medical provider.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.