Beat The "BONK" - Go Further Than Ever Before

BONK. Hitting the wall or just plain running out of gas is an experience that all endurance athletes, triathletes and distance runners have experienced and fear. Without warning, legs of cement and drifting into a timeless daze. This is a hammer from the body which has lost muscle energy and focus from the mind. This is THE BONK!

Science today allows you to extend your point of BONK. Thats right, extend your endurance like never before. The next few minutes of reading will be worth your “times”, literally.


The physiology of Bonking is essentially when your body has consumed the glucose from your blood, then switched tanks to deplete your thousands of calories of stored glucose from your muscles and liver during the first couple of hours of strenuous exercise. Glucose, primarily derived from the food you consume, is your “gas in the tank”. But just like the engine in your Subaru or Audi, there’s lots more than just adding gas to make it powerful and efficient.


The first is Glucose, as mentioned above. The second, ATP. ATP is energy at the cell level. This energy is created within the mitochondria of each of your 30 trillion cells. This is your primary energy source to power those muscles and mental fortitude.


The process of creating cell energy is endurance athletes is simple. Combine glucose molecules with max oxygen and the number of ATP improves significantly. More ATP means more muscle energy for extended endurance performance.

In truth, most studies reveal that the body detects the upcoming run on your internal grocery store of energy and then starts limiting this depletion. Kind of like the sign you read on the TP aisle at your local grocery store in 2020, “one per customer”. Your body acts this way out of self preservation. This experience is what we call bonking.

Assuming you have the nutrition and training regimen dialed in, what else can you do to boost endurance cell energy? INCREASE OXYGEN and lots of it! This is where it pays to tune in and learn from premier athletes and today’s research.


Primarily in the sport of amateur and professional cycling and running, the word doping, or blood doping has taken some of the glitter off multiple iconic endurance athletes. We continue to ask the wrong questions. It’s not why did they cheat? It’s not why dope? But the real question should be how did doping physiologically to boost these super athletes?

Blood doping is the process of adding extra red blood cells into your bloodstream? Why? Because red blood cells carry oxygen. More red blood cells equals more oxygen, and more oxygen extends your anaerobic threshold.

While their dangerous methods proved to boost athletic performance, they failed to realize a simple truth. They did not need more red blood cells, but rather, they need to optimize the ones they already had.


Stay with me through this short health class. Our estimated 33 trillion red blood, cells (erythrocytes) are EACH responsible for hauling up-to a staggering 1 billion molecules of oxygen. That would be enough, if your cells were actually moving those oxygen molecules at full capacity.

The actual oxygen carrying capacity of each red blood cell can vary greatly and this is where the science gets exciting for endurance runners. Your red blood cells carry those energy creating oxygen molecules primarily on the red blood cells surface. It’s these oxygen molecules being hauled that boost ATP production within your cells and specifically within your muscles and brain.


When we examine a drop of blood under magnification, we find most adults and particularly motivated athletes like you will have a significant portion of their red blood cells appear like a beautiful stack of poker chips on a Las Vegas table. When you perform the same blood test on kids, you know, the ones that adults say, “where in the hell do they get all that energy”, you will think you’re looking at a handful of cheerios dropped on the floor from that screaming high chair. Wait…What?

The stacking (called rouleaux effect) as well as the separation of red blood cells is affected particularly by the zeta potential or electrical charge on the surface of the red blood cell. Dissimilar charged red blood cells stack. Conversely, like charged red blood cells repel. Just like two magnets can repel or slam to one other, our red blood cells are affected and behave in a similar manner.

Separated and free suspended red blood cells have greater exposed surface area to pick up, carry and deliver more performance boosting oxygen molecules. In addition, separated red blood cells will profuse more efficiently within your extensive muscle capillary beds.

Mathematically, once you have 7 or more red blood cells stacked (see chart) together, you potentially lose 50% of oxygen carrying surface capacity. It’s just a simple mathematical calculation.


Have you ever wondered how a cell phone can magically charge wirelessly? This is the science of Faradays law of induction and Maxwell’s equation. Nimbus Performance, a company in Utah, a state that has plenty of endurance champions has developed a technical wrist device that utilizes similar science to affect the charge of red blood cells as they pass through the wrist. When red blood cells are like charged, they separate and physics and your body will take over and do the rest by loading additional oxygen onto your red blood cells. Simply put, separated red blood cells expose a greater cell surface area for improved oxygen loads.


As an Endurance Athlete, you tend to rely solely on your training and warped mental disciple. However there is a next level up! Professionals around the world know that getting more oxygen throughout the body will improve cell energy and extend endurance limits. You can be the cleanest eater on the planet, but without max oxygen, your dietary discipleship will not be maximized. Boosting your oxygen delivery is like adding twin turbos to your high octane diet. You can read about a recent collegiate study here where top tier athletes used the cm2 technology and the resulting safe and performance benefits.

As you study the science and understand how endurance energy is affected by oxygen, you won’t train or race without this tech strapped on your wrist again.

Like most events, where the final 20% of the course separates the flock. There’s more you can do! You have the guts and the grind to be an endurance athlete, now add the science and start leading the pack at your next event.


We are always looking to partner with premiere athletes. If you feel that you fit this category and want to use the cm2 technology, click here.

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