Nimbus Nutrition

Nimbus Nutrition is the perfect marriage of health and taste. Designed by a highly qualified and experienced certified nutritionist and wellness consultant, Nimbus Nutrition Eats makes eating healthy quick and enjoyable. The month-to-month meal plan comes with everything you need to cook like a pro and eat like a world champion athlete without losing the taste along the way. Following the Nimbus Nutrition Eats meal plan in conjunction with the use of the Nimbus cm2 WEB and X2 supplements will enable your body to perform at its highest levels in all facets of life.

Highlights of the Nimbus Nutrition Meal Plan:

  • Shopping lists eliminate wasted food and saves you money and time.
  • Healthy food with the tastes you will crave.
  • Pairs perfectly in conjunction with Nimbus cm2 WEB and X2 supplements.
  • Designed by a professional and mother of four who understands nutrition, these nutritional plans are successful because they acknowledge that cost, taste and time management are all key.

Designed by an AFPA Certified Nutritionist and a Certified Health Consultant through the Whole Health Institute the Nimbus Nutrition meal plan will help thousands of people from all walks of life transform their lives and elevate their level of health, wellness and fitness using carefully crafted meal plans.

The Nimbus Nutrition meal plans rock the typical dieting scene because of two major reasons:


  1. Each meal plan has a balanced and scientifically sound 40/30/30 macronutrient ratio split (Carb/Protein/Fat).
    This ratio is designed to yield both incredible short-term results and long-term sustainability.
  2. Real food tastes best! I take a whole food approach to each meal that I thoughtfully design.
    That means the food you’re eating is always fresh and clean, tasting incredible! This also means that your meal plan will change with the seasons, ensuring a variety of delicious dishes year-round.

You’re going to love not only the way your food tastes but also the way your body feels with the specialized Nimbus Nutrition meal plan.

Weight Management Made Simple

Nimbus Nutrition is the perfect plan whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your active lifestyle. With built-in variations for different caloric needs, your whole family can share the same meals while everyone meets their nutritional goals.
To help get you started, use our BMR calculator.

Your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR)

To make sure your diet and exercise are in balance with your caloric needs, you should first calculate your BRM.

Your BMR: per day

Total Wellness

Total wellness is more than supplementation or revolutionary technology. It’s the synthesis of these, combined with optimal nutrition that releases the power within you. The Nimbus Nutrition Meal Plan surrounds and supports your other efforts.

Did we mention...CoinsIt only costs aboutone dollarper day?