Regain Your Youthful Edge

The advanced technology found in the Nimbus cm2™ BAND and the Nimbus cm2™ Sport WEB is designed to boost healthy cellular activity throughout the entire body.  When cells are healthy and metabolizing efficiently, you can expect wellness, energy, performance and healing the natural and proper way.

Healthy cellular activity allows the body to achieve:

  • Improved Circulation

  • Pain Management

  • Enhanced Recovery

  • Oxygen Uptake

  • Improved Energy

  • Detoxification

  • General Overall Wellness

You can learn more about the science by clicking here.

Hear How Nimbus Performance Changes Lives?


Craig Bradley


"I have been using the cm2 WEB for the past several months. I have more energy, my oxygen level is up and i feel great!"


Rebecca Love

Hair Stylist

"I've gone back in time. I have more energy, I feel good, my feet don't feel tired anymore. I can go all day long!"


Jeff Blankenship

Business Owner

"Their Cm2 band is a game changer! I have more restful sleep at night, better circulation, and tons of energy and mind clarity all day long!"

Using Your cm2™ Pulse Band

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