Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the cm2 Pulse Band and the cm2 Sport Web

The short answer is this: The cm2 BAND is designed for athletic performance, daily energy and general wellness and the cm2 WEB is designed for pain relief, healing and rapid recovery. Let's get more into the details: The cm2 BAND is designed to be worn on the wrist to boost the energy of red blood cells. When the zeta potential or charge of red blood cells are similar or “like”, it will generate a repel action and expose the entire surface of the red blood cell to carry more oxygen molecules. In addition, the 100,000 miles of capillaries within the body are designed to accept single separated cells. When red blood cells are separated, oxygen and nutrition delivery improves, providing the body the real building blocks of healing and areobic performance. BANDS are primarily used for energy, athletic performance and overall wellness. You can see actual photos of before and after red blood cells by hundreds of users in the sceince section of the website. Yes, it really does work. The cm2 WEB is designed to pulse energy over the entire muscoskeletal cell structure in a particular treatment area, like a knee, shoulder, foot, back etc… When cell voltage membranes are boosted and differentiate, the process of cell membranes opening to accept oxygen, nutrition and expel waste can be improved. The action appears to boost also boost cell proliferation and differentiation. When cell metabolism is improved, cell health follows. When cells are healthy, the human body can accomplish amazing tasks relating to performance, pain relief and healing.

Why doesn't Nimbus Performance make health claims on it's website?

The cm2 technology continues to produce amazing results around the world. The health community terms this as “anecdotal” data or information, because the results are not from a million dollar “double blind randomized study”. The Nimbus cm2 products are specifically offered to you, the consumer, as a “low risk general wellness product” that is intended to encourage health and to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle for maximum benefit. Like all health issues, any cure from a condition or disease is derived from the body’s amazing regenerative capabilities and cell health. A device or drug is intended as support to your body’s capability to heal. Anything to safely assist our body to perform its amazing healing and performance tasks are worth considering incorporating into our lifestyle. The user outcomes have been nothing short of incredible as it relates to pain relief, rapid healing and peak performance. why, becasue the human body is amazing, when cells are healthy. We have found most individuals just want to know what the technology will "do for me" and not some rat outcome in a lab study. LIke always, do your own research.

What is the frequency of the cm2 Pulse Band?

The frequency of the cm2 Pulse Band is proprietary information to Nimbus Performance. We can say that frequency of the cm2 Pulse Band is a gentle frequency designed to 'nudge' the cells.

How do I contact customer service?

Nimbus Performance can be contacted by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. If it is after normal business hours (9:00am - 4:00pm MT) we will email you back on the next open business day.

Will I feel anything when the cm2 Pulse Band or cm2 Sport Web?

You will not feel the action of cm2 on your cells, however the cm2 will be providing the theraputic benifits. The technology all realtes to cell health and this takes time, anywhere from hours to weeks.

What does cm2 stand for?

Cell Matrix Squared. The technology is designed to boost or jumpstart your body's capabilities.

Are there use restrictions for the cm2 technology products?

Do not use the Nimbus Performance cm2 technology products if you have a: - heart stimulator implant. - if you are pregnant. - children without first consulting a medical professional.

I just recieved my cm2 Pulse Band, how do I begin using it?

I just recieved my cm2 Sport Web, how do I begin using it?

What frequency should I use on the cm2 Sport Web

*Upon studying thousands of pages of documents relating to PEMF and related technology it becomes clear the medical research community consensus is that beneficial human frequencies are all between 1HZ and 50Hz (e.g. 1Hz means it pulses 1 time a second). Although cm2 is a hybrid of PEMF, the frequency applications are relevant. The Nimbus WEB has four options: 7.83Hz, 27Hz, 50Hz and “Mixed” which is a three second repeating rotation of each of the three listed frequencies. All frequencies less than 100Hz are widely accepted as safe for humans, assuming intensity is within acceptable health parameters. For reference only: A review of studies shows that most all frequencies have selective beneficial energy effects. There are specific studies that suggest PEMF may have the following potential: Lower frequencies (7.83): studies show this may be beneficial for nerve regeneration, bone growth and ligament healing. Supporting studies: Sisken & Walker 1995, Matsunaga et al 1996, Sakai et al 1991, Lin et al 1992 and many others. Mid Range frequencies (27): studies show this may be beneficial for cell growth, collagen production, Osteoporosis, Inflammation. Supporting studies: Miyagi et all 2000, Lin et al 1993, Takayama et al 1990 and many others. Upper Range frequencies (50) studies show this may be beneficial for inflammation, nerve growth, cellular mitosis, and many other. Supporting studies: (Matsunaaga 1996, Reilly et al, Khalil and Qassem 1991. A mixed frequency (7.83, 27, 50) is an option to offer a broad spectrum of cm2. Not sure? We suggest starting the Nimbus WEB on 27Hz. There is no claim that cm2 will treat, diagnose or cure any disease. These studies are for informational purposes only and were not performed with cm2, but standard PEMF. *Legal Disclaimer (see bottom of page)

Are there medical studies of using pulsed energy to treat medical conditions? If so, where can I find them?

Pulsed energy technology has been studied for 50+ years and is used in every developed country worldwide. The technology of a pulesd magentic field (PEMF) to affect cells has been show effective in treatment of 100+ conditions. The most common use is for healing bones and pain releif and now recently the technology is being used and researched for improved athletic performance, inflamation reduction, cancer treatment and depression. You can find many studies at as well as pubmed and healthline. cm2 differs from most PEMF produts on the market in that it's a very low intensity torroidal energy wave that is safe and effective at providing a nudge cells often need to perform at the next level.

How can one technology treat so many issues?

The human body is entriely made of cells and all cells are comprised of atoms. The entire human body is electrical (Atoms) and thus can be effected by pulsed energy fields. For example, an MRI essentially re-alligns your cells so an image can be created. Each muscle movement, sensation and action are all controlled and initiated electrically in the body. Sick or disease cells have a low voltage as measured by ph and healthy cells are high energy. There ae over 5,000 studies published on this subject. Feel free to research and make your own educated decsion. More knowledge will only confirm the great value and benifit of cm2 with you.

How fast will I notice the effects of cm2 ?

Cell health treatment is very differnt than using pharmaceuticals. In many cases, drugs are designed to address symptoms, while the body is taxed with healing. The only person that can heal you, is you! Cell health is like adding fertilizer to a plant at the roots. It benifit takes time but the reslt will surely come. Most peole start to notice pain releif within a week and a more permanent change after a month. The technology cannot exceed the capability of your body, however the cm2 can act as a jumpstart to begin the improvements. Always consult your physician before making health changes.

*Legal Disclaimer: Nimbus Performance offers low risk, general wellness technology and products that promote a healthy lifestyle and to help maintain and encourage good health, or reduce the impact or risk of some chronic conditions and diseases where a healthy lifestyle has shown to play an important role in improving quality of life and living well.  Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Cm2 products are meant to address energetic elements that aid in the body’s amazing natural healing abilities, and help to restore and maintain energetic balance. The cm2 energy pulse is similar to the natural energy pulses generated in your body. The use of cm2 products is contradicted for those with medical electrical implants, during pregnancy or bleeding.  Cm2 has no known negative side effects when combined with medical treatment. Consult your medical professional for concerns or questions. The information on this website or document is for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation or claim. Testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, claim or prediction of the outcome. Results and opinions are unique to that particular user.