By Dale C Gledhill

March 13, 2020: Salt Lake City, Utah

There May be a New Weapon Against COVID-19

There may be a new weapon readily available today to help fend off ravishes of certain viruses and potentially combating the current pandemic of COVID-19 and other super viruses yet to be discovered. The weapon: oxygen… well, sort of. Let me explain:

Oxygen is a Natural Combatant to Super Viruses

Oxygen (O2), is the tiny taken for granted molecule generated by plants and other organics that sustain or world and one’s life. The new weapon is not oxygen itself, but rather how to boost virus fighting oxygen molecules within the human body.  Oxygen boosting technology developed by a medical research team in Utah may soon become a household name, thanks to not only top olympic bound athletes but, the pandemic of the day.  The team researching osteoporosis indirectly uncovered a technology effect now termed cm2 (cell matrix squared). This technology is now endorsed by top professional athletes worldwide as a safe performance booster and rapid recovery protocol. So, what’s the connection between athletic performance and virus protection?  Cell health as it relates to healing or improved performance, medically speaking share near identical protocols, just at different ends of the health spectrum. A quick review of science and history will help connect the dots.

Maximizing Oxygen Delivery

Blood doping, the oxygen boosting process made infamous primarily by the cycling world (a.k.a. Armstrong) and foreign champion driven athletes was banned in 1985 and labeled as “cheating”.  However, as you study the results, it is clear that performance and recovery were boosted when oxygen saturation improved within the body.  The problem with blood doping was the potentially fatal effects of “thick blood”; the effect of too many red blood cells forcing added pressure on the heart.  

The highly compensated performance gurus of today have now shifted their focus to maximizing oxygen delivery, within a natural and safe protocol. The cliff notes of this new performance science are really quite simple. Red blood cells of adults when examined under a   

“Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries should work to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems”

Stacked Red Blood Cells.png

microscope will commonly appear like stacks of coins held together by an unseen force, called the zeta potential. It’s the surface area of a red blood cell that actually carries the load of oxygen molecules; therefore, mathematically a more exposed surface area produces improved oxygen loads.  Back to Nimbus, their cm2 technology is purported to boost the body’s ability to separate or free suspend red blood cells, exposing the entire surface area of a red blood cell, thus an improved load of performance boosting oxygen molecules.  

Professional trainers worldwide are quickly adopting the Nimbus cm2 technology as part of their daily training regimen for both improved performance and quick response recovery.  The technology has no known negative side effects and works on the body’s natural modality of oxygen delivery.  Boosted oxygen for athletes translates into elevated performance, faster recovery and less acidosis (lactic acid), a common side effect of anaerobic activity among athletes. So where’s the silver lining of improved athletic performance and technology for the average nine-to-fiver worried about the current virus pandemic?

Oxygen (O2) may prove to be your greatest defense to combat a super virus or minimize the devastation if contracted. In this volatile virus information landscape with twitter-paced health updates, it’s easy to forget the time-tested sound science of health protection. There is logic and data that needs to be recalled amidst the frenzy.  In addition, there are 160 years of new clues that we’ve learned since Louis Pasteur’s 1861 work on bacteria. 

Oxygen  and Immunity is our Protection and Treatment of a Super Virus

Let’s start with some strong bio-science verified facts that have stood the test of time. In 2004 it was clearly identified that hypoxia conditions (low oxygen) enhanced viral expression or growth [Pillet et al., 2004].  Therefore, in converse, hyperoxia (excessive oxygen) commonly becomes the enemy to virus proliferation or growth. Many viruses become compromised or destroyed in an oxygen rich environment. According the WHO (World health Organization), “Oxygen therapy is the major treatment intervention for patients with severe COVID-19. All countries should work to optimize the availability of pulse oximeters and medical oxygen systems”. According to Harvard Health, EDU., “Currently there is no specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19. Treatment is therefore supportive, which means giving fluids, medicine to reduce fever, and, in severe cases, supplemental oxygen."

A clear commonality between all health phases of super virus protection and treatment is oxygen. The proliferation and treatment of a super virus will be affected and most likely suppressed with enhanced OXYGEN at the cell level, reinforcing the miracle process of the human immune defense. 

As of today, we now know a super virus like Covid-19 becomes potentially fatal as the body progresses into pneumonia, which is lung inflammation and fluid retention that depresses the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and dispose of co2. Red blood cells are the primary gas (oxygen/co2) transporting cells within your body.  Oxygen molecules attach to the hemoglobin primarily on the surface of the enucleated red blood cell. 

Now back to our professional athletes and their daily dedication to the Nimbus cm2 technology. The oxygen boosting effects for performance on cell health will likely have an impact on a virus as well as mitigating the symptoms of one already infected.  Oxygen plays a significant role on the human body’s immune response.  Using supplemental oxygen may be beneficial, but the oxygen delivery by red blood cells is paramount. In street terms, this is where “where the rubber meets the road”.

It’s not hard to connect the dots and reach some obvious conclusions; oxygen is the enemy to most viruses; individuals with compromised immune or lung conditions are at severe risk to the ravages of COVID-19 or similar super viruses; individuals infected by super viruses receive supplemental oxygen as part of treatment protocol; separated red blood cells carry and deliver more oxygen molecules as well as deeper into capillary beds of organs and extremities. Oxygen… oxygen… oxygen to assist the immune response, teamed with enhanced delivery, should be your go-to weapon or regimen along with common sense protocols like vigorous hand washing to combat viruses.

Science Reveals Red Blood Cell's True Health Power

Delving deeper into the science, research from JiCHi Medical University of Japan confirmed in 2012 that the surface charge (zeta potential) of a red blood cell primarily dictates red blood cell separation or stacking.  Science further dictates (coulomb’s law) that the stacking of red blood cells can be eliminated by modifying the charge or zeta potential of a red blood cell. Nimbus Performance cm2 technology purports the capability of utilizing electrical pulses to induce the natural repulsive charge of a red blood cell, promoting red blood cell separation to enhance the oxygen carrying capacity of a red blood cell. The science of this technology is similar to how the new cell phones charge wirelessly which was an unthinkable idea to consumers only 10 short years ago.

Nimbus cm2 technology was originally developed in research related to osteoporosis. However, like many of the greatest discoveries, new and previously unknown applications are discovered through use and being open to results.  The Nimbus cm2 Pulse BAND may very well be one of the greatest tools to combat super viruses by assisting the body in boosted oxygen delivery for natural prevention, symptom mitigation and recovery.

The virus information and impact is changing by the minute, however science is constant and is consistently being uncovered by those dedicated in the pursuit.  Living during this most unusual era one must remember the following; the current health of an individual prior to contracting a super virus sets the starting point of impact; oxygen is a paramount in raising the bar of our cell health, healing and recovery; and red blood cells are the body’s gatekeeper for all oxygen delivery. 


Prevention Versus Treatment

Most health professionals clearly concur that a multi-modality treatment and defense is a prudent and clear path to combating a virus.  To put it simply, if there’s going to be a fire in the house, I want a sprinkler system installed today and as many fire trucks and fire fighters possible when the fire takes hold.  Like nearly all health care issues, prevention costs are generally 90% lower than treatment and far less inconvenient.

Gleaning knowledge from these highly compensated athletic trainers and well-groomed professional athletes may very well be a game changing personal defense. Considering the downside of using this technology may only be a lighter wallet and a faster mile, it appears to be a good and wise hedge.  Life matters!

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