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Pain is your body sending a message that it wants you to pay attention to a problem…NOW.   Physiologically speaking, your body is telling you there is an issue that needs your attention. The most common are:

            -Lower Back Pain

            -Foot Pain

            -Sprain, Broken Bones or tendons

            -Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)


            -Muscle soreness

You Deserve to be Pain Free

The human body is well equipped and preprogrammed to repair and heal, which is the permanent and proper way to be pain free.  If this is true, then why do tens of millions people have chronic pain (longer than 6 months)? 


When cells become damaged, sick or low energy, their regenerative capabilities are compromised or may even cease. Studies clearly show, that cell energy can be boosted or jump started into a healing phase, which is the lasting path to living pain free. Similar technologies today are used for bone growth, pain relief after surgey, wound healing, osteoarthritis, knee pain, osteoporosis … and multiple other health issues.


The body’s ability to heal rapidly and permanently rests entirely upon the health of your estimated 30 trillion cells.  Cell health is the real foundation for health, wellness and living a life Pain free.


cm2 Technology for Pain Relief

The advanced cm2 technology of the Nimbus Performance cm2 Sport WEB is designed to boost the healthy cellular activity of the targeted musculoskeletal area of the body with an immersive pulsing energy field. When cells have the proper energy, oxygen, and nutrition, the essential components of healthy cell metabolism, you can boost the body’s real and natural ability to heal, fight pain and get you on your fast-track to wellness and activity. Healthy cell metabolism leads to: ​

  • Faster Recovery*

  • Pain Management*

  • Improved Circulation*

  • Reduction in Swelling and Inflammation*

  • Deeper Detoxification*

  • General Overall Wellness*


3o Minutes of cm2 a Day Will Change Your Life

Use the cm2 WEB 30 minutes on your way to living pain free.

You can be pain-free

How cm2 Is Changing Lives

Nimbus Performanc Healing cm2 Technology

Erik Campbell

"After using the cm2 WEB i've experienced less pain, more mobility and increased flexibility. There are days when I don't use the WEB and I can definitely feel the difference.

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial
Nimbus Performance Healing cm2 Technology

Emily Hinck

"Before the cm2 WEB, I would get up in the morning and feel like an 80-year-old person. It was still, I was barely able to go upstairs. After using the cm2 WEB, I get up normal. There is no stiffness, I mean, it's been life-changing. It's my magic WEB"

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial
Nimbus Performanc Healing cm2 Technology

Rose Mason

"I had knee replacement surgery and I used the cm2 WEB after my surgery and I can't believe the quick recovery that I had and how great I still feel using the cm2 technology every day. I love Nimbus, it has changed my life. 

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial

Nimbus Performance Improves Everday Life

Nimbus Performance Healing cm2 Technology

Craig Bradley

"I have been using the cm2 WEB for the past several months. I have more energy, my oxygen level is up and i feel great!"

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial
Nimbus Performance Healing cm2 Technology

Rebecca Gledhill

"I've gone back in time. I have more energy, I feel good, my feet don't feel tired anymore. I can keep going all day long!"

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial
Nimbus Performance Healing cm2 Technology

Jeff Blankenship

"Their Cm2 band is a game changer! I have more restful sleep at night, better circulation, and tons of energy and mind clarity all day long!"

Nimbus Performance cm2 technology testimonial

*Legal Disclaimer: Nimbus Performance offers low risk, general wellness technology and products that promote a healthy lifestyle and to help maintain and encourage good health, or reduce the impact or risk of some chronic conditions and diseases where a healthy lifestyle has shown to play an important role in improving quality of life and living well.  Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Cm2 products are meant to address energetic elements that aid in the body’s amazing natural healing abilities, and help to restore and maintain energetic balance. The cm2 energy pulse is similar to the natural energy pulses generated in your body. The use of cm2 products is contradicted for those with medical electrical implants, during pregnancy or bleeding.  Cm2 has no known negative side effects when combined with medical treatment. Consult your medical professional for concerns or questions. The information on this website or document is for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation or claim. Testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, claim or prediction of the outcome. Results and opinions are unique to that particular user.