Here at Nimbus Performance, we’ve told you we’re different and our “giving back program” is no exception. One of our corporate core mission principles is, “Wealth is a responsibility to serve others”. We live in a big world with staggering medical and health discrepancies despite the many technological advances and unprecedented wealth.


We can’t save the entire world, but we can make a difference one life at a time by focusing our humanitarian efforts on essential medical treatments in third world countries. We have ongoing projects in Tonga and Africa, where life changing surgeries and training are making a tremendous impact. Sharing wealth by caring for others is part of our core, we encourage you to join us and make it part of yours. Just think what we can accomplish as the entire Nimbus family joins in this quest. It’s not only a responsibility, but a payday of rewarding vibe to see how surgeries and treatments change ones world and memorialize a smile.


Nimbus Performance – Caring is in our core.


Nimbus works with Great Basin Services Foundation, a registered 501c3 Nonprofit NGO as our humanitarian partner is seeking worthy causes.